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Mascara 3D Fiber Long Black Lash Eyelash Extension

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3D Fiber Mascara Long Black Lash Eyelash Extension Waterproof Eye Makeup Extension Tool


  • Beautiful 3D fiber lash craze, don't miss out.

  • Treat yourself or your favorite person with this spectacular gift for Any occasion.

  • 300% increase in thickness and volume to your lashes while still looking completely real and natural.

  • 3D Transplanting Gel. A perfect fit, smooth, comfortable and of best quality.

  • The combination that creates the perfect eyelash.

  • The formula encompasses the magical gel property that enables

  • Have perfect make-up for the whole day.

  • 3d lashes are water resistant, yet they easily wash off with warm water and facial wash.

  • 1 Pcs  Mascara